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My Story:
My Sunrise

Trauma doesn’t define us; it pushes us to grow. And while change can be uncomfortable, every day we are given the opportunity to choose what we want to create for ourselves.


Who would have thought that a routine run with my husband Raul would turn into an event that rocked my family to the core? I was struck by a car and suffered a severe TBI – they didn’t think I would live. When I look back on my accident, there are absolutely times that I remember the lows, I remember the pain and how hard I had to fight – and I am so proud of the woman I’m looking back on fighting for her life in the hospital, working through rehab, and reintegrating in her daily life with her family. Ultimately, in some ways my accident changed my life for the better, because it really showed me how much you can truly lose in the blink of eye. It taught me the importance of focusing on the things that matter most to you and not letting anything stop you from building the future you want – whatever that may mean to you.

There is so much incredible power inside each one of us, and when you focus that energy in a determined and positive way – you can overcome any obstacle that life throws your way. That’s why I wrote the book, I wanted to show people that it is true…a life altering moment isn’t an ending, but a beginning to a new story. The magic of faith and trust can do wonders!

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Don’t go it alone! I created the Sunrise Journal to help guide you through your recovery experience. This journal gives you daily prompts to help you navigate your TBI experience better. This journal is a safe space full of daily prompts and inspiration. Please remember to be kind to yourself, and remember you're healing.

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