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Texas Book Festival

Wow! What an amazing weekend! How grateful & thankful am I?

I had the honor of speaking at the Texas Book Festival at The Texas State Capitol . We had a inspiring conversation for 45 minutes after I read a powerful excerpt from "Sunrise" Chapter 7: Healing, which gives a glimpse of what it was like going through TBI recovery. Especially, at the beginning. It was the moment of trying to make sense of everything and slowly coming to realize my new reality.

"I joined the group of several other patients. They all talked at kindergarten level. Things were not matching up. Why am I here? I thought. Mom had said I was in a bad accident. I squinted around the room. I had yet to comprehend the severity of my state."

It's amazing to me how I have been able to spread my story of faith, hope and healing to survivors and their loved ones!

Thank you again to Texas Book Festival for inviting me to be a part of your fabulous weekend! (Click the image below for more info.)

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