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The Sunrise TBI Journal was prayerfully and wholeheartedly created for the TBI Community. This is a safe place for the patient and/or caregiver to go to record their progress.


The Sunrise TBI Journal came about after I was on a training run with my husband, Raul, in preparation for the Marine Corps Marathon. I was then catastrophically hit by a car. As a result, I sustained a traumatic brain injury and other physical traumas. The initial consensus was that I wasn’t going to survive. The Sunrise TBI Journal was created to add a zest to the TBI recovery process. Logging my daily rehabilitation progress was motivating to me. Reflection would take place in the evenings and it would be joined with an internal celebration for any daily accomplishments I had made. However, please note, not all days had improvement. Some days would be a step back. Sometimes even two-steps back! However, when progress was made, it led to inspiration and trying harder the next day. The Sunrise TBI Journal allows for journaling and thought processing of traumatic brain injury
survivors on a daily basis. By taking the time to set the tone for the day and reflect at the end of the evening of each day, brain injury survivors begin to establish repetition through the routine of journaling.


Get ready to write the pages of your own TBI story. You have a strong voice. You matter to the world and your family. This journal contains two pages for each day of journaling.


A total of ninety days of prompts with ten additional pages for notes or journaling. The Sunrise TBI Journal will serve you daily inspirational reminders, during your personal healing journey.

Sunrise TBI Journal

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