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I want to create a meaningful space where we can connect, and I can try and give you more insight into specific areas. I am always happy to discuss my TBI journey, but I would also like to focus on making meaningful content for all of you. My focus over the years has shifted, as I'm sure any parents reading this can understand - writing the book for me was so strange in some put myself back in my 20-year-old shoes. As I've healed and grown, I've taken different steps and have started to explore new things. I want to continue to share things that have inspired me, things that have worked for me, nutrition and fitness info, and fun things I decide to try.

I value your feedback and hope this becomes a stimulating place. Please, all that I ask is that you come with an open mind and share your honest thoughts in a respectful way - I'm still getting the hang of all this! I can't wait to see where this goes!

Looking for something else? Searching for a classic perhaps?

Below is the archive for the blog, in case you're looking for anything a little older...

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It is so much fun seeing your interest throughout the world! Thanks for tuning in and keep your questions coming!

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