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Happy New Year!

It's 2024! Let's all move forward with our best foot forward. This certainly includes a healthy brain full of a positive energy and power. I am a huge fan of clearing out the old clutter and new year is the perfect time to focus on what we want to create for ourselves.

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when you're setting goals for yourself...sometimes it can do us the most good to let go of something instead of adding something else in to the mix...

Here is a list of things I think we should all leave in 2023

  • over-scheduling yourself

  • stress

  • prioritizing productivity

  • people pleasing

  • holding on to your "old" self

  • thinking therapy is bad/shameful

  • unhealthy diet and no exercise

And in letting go of something that no longer serves us, we can make space for something new - even if it's not right away! Here is my list of things to bring in to 2024...

Things to do in 2024

  • Prioritize self-care (naps included)

  • Protect your inner and outer peace

  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Explore yourself on a deeper level

  • Be conscious to live a faith and value-based life

  • Exercise! Anything from walking down the street to intense training counts. You really don’t need much. A good 20 minutes will do the trick for those feel-good endorphins to kick in. Even walk your dog, or heck, your cat.

  • Eat healthier for your body and goals! If you're struggling to eat better try Noom! Please know this is in no way sponsored, I did in 2020 and it worked great!

  • Educate yourself! Take a class, read more books, learn a new language - expand on things you're interested and that make you happy! Plus your brain loves it!

  • Try something new…travel to a new place, dance, a musical instrument, cooking, golfing, a cold plunge…the list is endless. This year I am trying pickle ball! I'll keep you guys posted on how that goes.

  • Make time to connect with friends and those around you

  • Always focus on being kind - ask yourself what you can do to brighten someone's day. Today, we need that more than ever in our world.

Let me know what you guys are focused on this year! Whatever it is, I know you're going to rock!



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