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"Your inner and outer beauty reflect the joy of a healthy mind, body, and spirit."

Get to Know Me

I am - by all accounts – a very lucky woman. I have a loving husband, two incredible boys, and the best parents and in-laws anyone could ask for. I also have the sweetest golden retriever, Lucy. I feel so incredibly blessed to be so surrounded by love and support. My family is everything to me, and I thank God for them every day.


I have always been drawn to health, fitness, and overall wellness. For as long as I remember, I was always involved in some sort of activity (soccer and swimming stand out most in my mind), which quickly turned into a love of running. I have the fondest memories of running with my dad at the Dhahran Hills Track in elementary school. His positivity and encouragement when I would run, shaped the very core of who I am – that love and encouragement echoes with me still whenever I’m up against a challenge and feel like I need to dig deep.


Even now, my days are not complete without some sort of activity. It can be a run, walk, yoga or even just breaking a sweat in general - I just love that endorphin boost (and for me it comes with a side of clarity)! I love to invest my free time in what is healthy for the body! I'm a big believer that the inner body reflects who you are on the outside - mentally, physically, and spiritually. So it's no surprise that I studied health science and nutrition in college. Before my accident, I was working at Texas Children’s Hospital as an Exercise Specialist. I’m so thankful for that job; it inspired me, as I was able to witness how important a patient's dedication was towards their goals in different therapies. It made me realize how important the work is, and I think that's why I followed all my doctors’ advice and recommendations so closely after my accident.

I’m lucky to call Houston my home - I love the positive, philanthropic heart of this city. I have always loved to give back, and after my accident (and with young boys in school), I found a real love for fundraising. I have spent most of my time over the last 20 years raising my boys and helping organize auctions, galas, and music fundraisers to benefit research, camp programs, and schools. I mostly work with the TIRR foundation now, as my boys are grown and have flown the nest. I have embraced a lot of changes since then...lots of new and exciting things going on. I have been able to circle back to my more adventurous side, as I have started to travel and write more. Recently, I was able to add some great hikes both in Colorado and Italy - accomplishing this is a big feat for me given my story.


There is so much more to come and I can't wait to share the journey! Today, my trauma is past tense and I am very proud to say this: I am and always will be present for anyone who may need an extra shot of inspiration.

"Through God anything is possible"

-Matthew 19:26

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