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This journal is my heartfelt offering to the TBI community, providing a safe space for patients and their caregivers to document their journey. It was born after suffering my own TBI, from which I was never supposed to recover. I used these components to aid in my recovery and to help keep me focused on the outcome I wanted. It was my companion, and became a safe space for reflection and internal celebration, marking daily achievements and acknowledging setbacks. Because, unfortunately, progress isn't a guarantee every day - some days you even take a step or two back. But my advice is don't get discouraged, let each stride forward or each lesson learned fuel your inspiration for the next day.


Are you ready to write the pages of your own healing journey? You have a voice and you matter to the world and your family - you've got this!


My hope is that the Sunrise TBI Journal will serve you a daily dose of positivty and inspiration. This journal will be your companion for 90 days, and every 30 days I'll check in with a little added inspiration! The back also includes additional journal pages.

Sunrise TBI Journal (2nd Edition)

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