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I can't talk about who I am, or how I became an author, without talking about my Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). It drastically affected and inadvertently shaped a lot of components of my life; but it hasn't determined my choices, or, the path I've taken. Our trauma doesn't define us - it pushes us to grow (hopefully gifting us with some post traumatic wisdom). And while change can be uncomfortable, every day we get to wake up and choose what we want to create for ourselves. How exciting is that? My advice to anyone, TBI or not, is embrace the journey, practice gratitude, and don't let anyone deter you from the future you want to create.

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Book Cover of Sunrise: Life after Traumatic Brain Injury

An Uplifting and Inspiring Book By
Kristin Abello

Noteworthy Reviews

This is the story of survival, grit, love and faith, in this wonderful memoir that also provides really practical tips for what doctors and others in the medical field can do to help survivors and caregivers. Worth the read!



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